Living Roof

Living roofs are becoming more common as communities recognise the benefits they bring, see
We decided to create one for the container we use at the compost site as an illustration of what can be done and to improve the appearance.  In 2014 we painted the container and in 2016 we finally managed to add the living roof, which is a wildflower meadow on a roof.  More information about Living Roofs can be found on Build Your own Little Green Roof (courtesy of RedRoseForest)

Here's what the container looked like before the roof was added:

and some photos from the day we did it, Saturday 1st October...

The Meadow roof was delivered to Wairds Park, 4 rolls of turf which we collected with Polly the tractor.

Building the roof involves creating a frame, lining it with a membrane, adding our own compost which has been lightened with the natural material perlite.


The compost was added, then the wildflower turf rolled into place and watered.

And we did it! 

And here's what it looks like in Spring 2017 with lots of daisies:

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