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The SHARK constitution defines our role.

To join the Green Waste Scheme and become a member of SHARK, download the 2018 Membership Form.

For those involved in Compost Collections or working at the Compost Site, see the Compost Risk Assessment form.

For volunteers helping out on Beach Cleans, you need to see the MCS Beachwatch Risk Assessment form.

See the feature in the Autumn 2017 TCV Newsletter

You may also find the Tide Table for Montrose Basin helpful.

Minutes of Meetings:
14/01/2018 2018 AGM  
Member Meeting


Past Meetings:
23/10/2011  Member Meeting 
22/01/2012 2012 AGM
11/03/2012 Member Meeting 
06/05/2012  Member Meeting 
24/06/2012  Member Meeting 
18/11/2012 Member Meeting
13/01/2013 2013 AGM
13/01/2013 Member Meeting
10/03/2013 Member Meeting
05/05/2013 Member Meeting
02/07/2013 Member Meeting
25/08/2013 Member Meeting
27/10/2013 Member Meeting
2014 AGM
19/01/2014 Member Meeting 
06/04/2014  Member Meeting 
08/06/2014  Member Meeting 
07/09/2014  Member Meeting 
09/11/2014  Member Meeting 
18/01/2015  2015 AGM and Meeting
12/04/2015  Member Meeting
26/07/2015  Member Meeting
Member Meeting 
24/01/2016 2016 AGM
24/01/2016  Member Meeting
Member Meeting
Member Meeting
Member Meeting
05/02/2017  2017 AGM
05/02.2017 Member Meeting 
30/04/2017  Member Meeting 
16/07/2017  Member Meeting 
15/10/2017  Member Meeting 

Annual Accounts:
18 months to 31/12/2012
12 months to 31/12/2013

Other Things You May Be Interested In:

Mearns Area Partnership Car Club Briefing Note.  Also Car Club Leaflet.

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