Beach Cleans

As an environmentally conscious group we are involved in other activities as well as the Compost Collection.  One of these is helping to keep the foreshore North and South of Johnshaven free of potentially dangerous litter and make it somewhere to be proud of.  Volunteers are always welcome to join us, please check for dates on the Home page or our Facebook page.

We carry out 3 beach cleans a year to help keep the coastline around Johnshaven free of litter and protect wildlife.  During beach cleans we survey the rubbish collected as part of the Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch campaign.  The survey method has recently been changed to make country-wide comparisons easier and we have updated our Facts and Figures page to match. In the 12 years we've been doing this we've collected over 60,000 items of litter!!!

The MCS has also provided us with ability to carry out a Risk Assessment for volunteers working on these cleans.  You will find a copy of the form on the Downloads page.

The MCS 2015 Beach Clean report shows that collections in Scotland picked up an average of 2990 items per kilometre, which compares with a UK average of 2457.  Our local average over the 11 years is just under 2000.  As we've found, the largest amount of litter picked up is still pieces of plastic or polystyrene, at 70% of the total.  2015 was probably too early to assess the impact of the Scottish Government's levy on plastic bags, but the MCS report does note that the charging introduced in Wales in 2011 does appear to be having an impact, with 47% fewer plastic bag pieces reported there in 2015 over 2014.

Some past photographs below...

June 2019

June 2018

March 2018 at Lathallan

March 2017 at Seagreens

September 2016 - Just some of the 34 helpers

June 2016

March 2016

September 2014

Another good day! Not so much rubbish though, which is good. 

June 2014

Nice day again, with 14 people, and some interesting rubbish

March 2014

One of the best ever!  The sun shone, we had 28 people of all ages.  Here are just a few photographs, including tucking in to lunch afterwards in the Village Hall, courtesy of the Heritage Society ladies.

Here is a picture from the March 2013 Beach Clean at Seagreens - in the rain!

...and here's another one showing how much we actually collect:

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