Johnshaven Bag For Life

In October 2014 the Scottish Government introduced legislation to compel shops to charge 5p for plastic bags.  This seems to have had a big impact in reducing the use of these 21st century environmental pests, but we are keen to do more for our community.  Our Beach Cleans page illustrates just how much plastic we pick up.  A lot of this is water-borne, but by publicising the issues and the hazards to wildlife we hope to contribute to wider recognition and a reduction in this problem.

Our hope is to make Johnshaven plastic bag free!  We organised a competition for pupils at the local school to help in the creation of a suitable design for the bags.  The competition designs were all very good, and we made the following selections of winners.

Overall design of bag : Kelsea (on the right in the photograph)

Slogan : Felix (in the middle)

Special prize for our new logo : Heather (on the left)

The designs for the bag were put together by Ethan MacKenzie and the final product can be seen below.

Here's the bag:

We delivered them to all the householders in the village...

We've still got some! They were on sale at the NEOS Cafe in 2016 as you can see from this picture:


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