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Welcome to SHARK

We are a small environmental group based on the North East Scottish coastline village of Johnshaven.  Though small we have a very active membership and are involved in several projects.  The main one is our garden waste recycling project which sees green waste from the village composted at our own compost site. We are also involved in carrying out regular beach cleaning of the shoreline in our village. This website and our Facebook page will tell you what's going on and when.  Minutes of all our meetings are available on the Downloads page.

Welcome to 2020

To get 2020 started, we had our AGM on Saturday 11th January followed by our annual (after) Christmas Party. If you missed it, too bad! Not much to report, we re-elected the same long-suffering office bearers, so it's on with business as usual. Minutes are available on the Downloads page. We'll be getting membership forms out soon to help raise some more cash, as we might just have found a replacement tractor! (watch this space)

If you're new to Johnshaven and want to join our garden waste collection scheme which will start again in March, you'll be able to sign up with a membership Form on the Downloads page. Feel free to browse around this site to see more what we do, and some of the enjoyment you could get from it too.

We worked during 2019 to sort out the compost site so we can make even more delicious compost, and this means there is a huge pile of compost from previous years now ready for you to use in your garden. Let us know if you need some! 

Don't forget to keep up to date with what we're doing on Facebook. Just click on the panel on the left. 

If you've got any ideas about other projects we should be getting involved with let us know!

Photo Gallery (click images to see more)
  • Beach Cleans

    We run 3 Cleans a year to improve our shoreline and help wildlife.

  • Beautiful Johnshaven

    We do lots of clean-ups as part of Keep Scotland Beautiful.

  • Polly the Tractor

    Polly is used for compost collections and other village activities.

  • Food!

    See our stall for the Fish Festival, and NEOS Cafe in the Village Hall.

  • Social Events

    Pictures of barbecues at the compost site and other social events.

  • Beechgrove Visit

    When the BBC came to Johnshaven.

  • Composting

    How we do it - a pictorial guide.

  • Living Roof

    See how the Container at the Compost Site has been transformed!

  • Bag For Life

    Our reusable bags continue to be popular.

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